The Importance of Team Building and What You Should Do About It

In almost any workplace, teams play a significant role in achieving the goals of the organization. Since most team members have different areas of expertise, it is essential to strengthen their relationships, encourage communication, build a mutual trust, and of course, maximize their individual and group productivity.

A practical approach to doing this is to have them participate in team building activities in and out of the work environment. But before you do so, let’s review some facts why your team needs one.

1. Increased Productivity and Performance

If your team members show significant gaps in their monthly scores, it’s time for you to step in and identify what’s setting their scores apart. Recognize who is underperforming and who exceeds expectations. Also take a chance to discern the differences in their skill levels.

Form a buddy system where you pair up a performer with an outlier for a couple of days or weeks. This mini team building doesn’t only build camaraderie but also helps a poor performer increase his stats and confidence. Additionally, your best employees or mentors perceive their importance to the team as they pass on valuable techniques to others. Another great idea is enrolling your team in an out-of-office seminar or workshop to develop a skill.

2. Solidified Bonds

Working individually could lead to boredom, demotivation, and job dissatisfaction. On the other hand, bringing together members, who are unaccustomed to work in a group, tend to disrupt targets and ultimately affect their attitude towards one another.

Keeping your team in one area in the office can greatly help in promoting interaction and encouraging communication. When possible, partner up with another supervisor to start friendly team competitions. These team games will allow the members of each group to be highly engaged together with a common goal. Rewarding them with pizza, for instance, also sneaks some bonding in as they are invited to eat at one table.

3. Longer Employment Tenure

Fun at work is just as important as reaching weekly targets. Any employee who works only for a paycheck in an all-work-no-play environment can be recruited quickly into another office where the salary may be relatively similar but with a life-and-work balance.

Reduce employee stress and give your team a chance to experience a different scene with karaoke nights, camping, summer outings, or other favorite out-of-office activities. Encouraging them to join as volunteers in non-profit groups your company supports also creates a sense of social responsibility. These small photo-worth moments make employees stay longer with your business as you have shown that you value their happiness and holistic growth.

4. Best Business Investment

Employees, if treated appropriately, can be your most valuable assets. They give their skills and talent to achieve the goals of the organization, functions to maintain customer satisfaction, and improve financial gain.

While a competitive salary, health insurance, monetary rewards, and other perks sound appealing to employees’ needs, there is nothing compared to a memorable and happy team building experience. This is a priceless event that improves leadership, nurture engagement, and trust among your staff that goes a long, long way.

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4 benefits of attending a conference

People often think of ways to improve their skills. Conferences are great ways to do so. These are very good for personal development. If you want to improve your working situation by becoming an expert in a particular field or knowing more, then you should attend conferences. Here are the benefits of attending a conference.

Develop your skill

Though there are many ways to gain knowledge, conferences are an effective tool. The content of the conference is of higher quality. Most conferences have workshops which give an opportunity to test ideas practically.

Become an expert

By attending conferences, you get to know about the latest news and trends. You can use your new knowledge in your organizational works.


Networking opportunities

Conferences provide huge networking opportunities. You get to meet the experts in your field. By knowing who will be attending the conference, you can make a plan on what you are going to discuss with them during coffee breaks, for example. Conferences create opportunities for new business as well.

Get inspired and focused

In a conference, you are sitting with the like-minded people. They all are here for a common goal. The conference can boost your career to a new level.

To get the most out of the conference, you need to use your time wisely. You should ask yourself what you have learned after each conference and apply your new knowledge at your work place. You should use the network you have built to look for new business opportunities.