4 meeting etiquettes for managers you must know

If you are a manager, and you hate meeting, there is still no way to escape. You have to attend the meeting no matter what. Meetings are an integral part of a manager’s life. So, instead of trying to find ways to avoid meeting, you can learn the following meeting etiquette that you must know.



Every week you will have loads of meeting invitations accumulating in your desk. It is not possible to visit all. So, it is a good practice to let all these people know whether you are attending the meeting or not. By letting the organizers know about your participation, you will help the organizers to arrange for a meeting.

Be prepared


You should be fully prepared for your meeting. When you receive the meeting agenda, you should read it, compile the information so that you know what to expect at the meeting. If you don’t know the topic of discussion in the meeting, you might get lost.

Be respectful


You shouldn’t arrive late at a meeting or leave early. You should also let other people in the meeting to speak. Even if you need to leave the meeting suddenly due to any emergency reasons, you should do so respectfully.



Managers should follow up on the things discussed in the meeting. You should make sure that people who attended the meeting understand their roles. You can send follow-up notes to your team members to get them going.

Meetings are very useful for completing a project or achieving other business goals. But it is important that you show proper etiquette to make the meeting a successful one.

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